bands & projects

1977 -1983  The Spivs
New Wave band with schoolfriends Peter de Wit: Bass, Henk Slot: Keyboards, Hans Kouwen: guitars & Henk Wagenaar : Drums, later replaced by Ronald Hollander (†)
We became local heroes, played about 350 gigs in 6 years, released 2 singles & an album.

1988 -1992   King's Cross
After the 2nd break up of The Spivs, Hans Kouwen & Rob continued as King's Cross with Pieter Beemsterboer on drums, Ronald Sprenkeling: Bass, Yacco Lenstra: keyboards, later replaced by Martine Bloem. They played a bunch of local gigs, won a couple of prizes, but the band ceased to exist in '92.

1993 - present  The Hurryman
In '93 Rob decided to go solo as The Hurryman & released a 3 song cassette in 1993. In 1996 followed by the album 'Collection' (Music page) which received great reviews & had some airplay on national & local radio.
 From 1997 - 2001 The Hurryman became a band with Woody Folmer on Bass, Ron Huisen on guitar/ replaced by Paul Freid: guitars, Dries Eleveld: drums/ later replaced by Paul Bruyn: drums.

From 2002 - 2010 Rob mostly played solo gigs & recorded an album with The Smurrymen, a band consisting of ex-Hurryman members + JP van der Meij.

2010 - 2016  Hurrymania
After meeting singer/violinist Sooi van der Laan in 2009, they started a band with Kim Rademakers  on Bass, Dirk Oosting on drums & Wendy Boots on keys. Hurrymania recorded a 3 song demo cd as a quartet. The band turned into a trio (Kim, Sooi & Rob) before finally becoming a duo (Rob & Sooi). Hurrymania made bit of an impact through their distinct appearance on stage & great song & video material. After breaking up in 2016, Hurrymania released a 5 song album called 'Weave' in 2017 mixed by producer Jacco Lenstra. (check MUSIC page)

2016 - now  Hurryman 
In the last few years Rob worked on putting dutch poetry to music as well as new song material in english. He did a couple of live gigs with Donna Musica, mixing Hurryman songs with Griegs' Peer Gynt suite.