30 songs in 30 days!

I set myself the challenge to film & record 30 songs in 30 days and put them out on youtube. Why? I wanted to record a new album, but couldn't decide when or how. And so time slipped by...Now spring is here, I wanted to do something fresh. No more sitting around, evasive manoeuvres, waiting for ideas to come.... do, now, go, play, sing. So here's number one. I hope it will work, wish me luck!

day 1:  Many Songs Ago
day 2: Trouble on the Way
day 3: Someone to Believe in
day 4: Lovesong#4 
day 5: Don't you Worry           
day 6: Show me you Feel
day 7: Lost Time
day 8: Ready or Not (omnichord version)
day 9: Pas Dan
day 10: Oh Cruel World
day 11: Sing a Little Song of Love to me.
day 12: Hear Your Voice
day 13:Home
day 14: Be Polite
day 15: Here & Now
day 16:I do Regret
day 17: Wonderland
day 18:Miracle
day 19:Why didn't you do it
day 20: Ga nu maar liggen liefste
day 21:Love & Hate
day 22: Guilty
day 23: Eens
day 24: All the Same (All insane)
day 25: There's a Song (Omnichord version)
day 26:Sand
day 27: Believe in You
day 28: De Zee en mijn Zusje
day 29: Tuin in de Avond (Live in Hoeve Overslot)
day 30: Jacky O